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We was in Canton Fair at 15-19,Apr in 2019

We was in Canton Fair from 15-19,Apr in 2019Main products:Calcium Carbide,Acetylene Gas Cylinders,Seamless steel Cylinders,Mango Ripener,Swimming pool water treatment chemicals,calcium hypochlorite,SDIC,TCCA,etc.Website:www.ngochem.comWechat/WhatsApp:0086 13682119955E-mail:jennifer@ngochem.com

What's other chemicals did you you supply except for calcium carbide?

What's other chemicals did you you supply except for calcium carbide? NGO Chemical Group Ltd was professional manufacturer of calcium carbide, With Great Efforts,we can supply below chemicals also.(1)ACETYLENE GAS CYLINDERS(2)SEAMLESS STEEL CYLINDERS(3)MANGO/BANANA RIPENER(4)CAUSTIC SODA/SODA ASH(5)SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS(6)CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE(7)SDIC 60%(8)TCCA 90%Other details,pls visit us at www.ngochem.com

What's offical Certificate of your NGO chemical Group Ltd?

CERTIFICATION OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM NGO CHEMICAL GROUP LTD.CALCIUM CARBIDECOMPLIES WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015The Scope of certification business covers:The Repacking of Calcium carbide and After-sales Service

How to Guarantee the quality of calcium carbide for each shipment?

QUALITY GUARANTEE OF CALCIUM CARBIDE 1.We will take samples from each lots of calcium carbide lump before carbide process,and make record,to ensure products with excellent gas yield.2.We often do air pressure testing to drums,ensures carbide drums seals tight and safety.and we fill in nitrogen in each drums also.3.Different sizes stored separately,to avoid size mixing.4.We will take samples test again before loading,ensure loaded goods with correct weight,sizes,gas yield and quantity.5.Our calcium carbide production is bases on Chinese National Standard:GB10665-2004 

Introduce our NGO company and NGOCHEM Brand

NGO Chemical Group Ltd,built in 2012,Our crushing plant was located in Tianjin Xiqing dist,We moved to Wulanchabu,Inner Mongolia since Tianjin port explosion since 2015.Now Let's me introduce our new plant,It was located in Fengzhen City, fluoride Industrial Park,covering an area of more than and 80 acres,We are the professional crushing plant of calcium carbide.We has more than 4 thousand flat carbide processing workshop, complete sets of processing equipment (crushing jaw crusher, PEX300*1300 PE500*750 two jaw type fine crushing machine two sets, two sets of SG1.4*14m inertial sieve) and experienced professional and technical workers 56, daily production capacity of 7000 tons / month or more.Moreove,we have good sellling for domestic steel plant as desulfurization agent,we supply them variety of small size,such as 0-2MM, 0.5-5MM, 2-4MM, 4-7MM...... Of course,We have more experience for export,we exported of  80-120MM, 50-80MM, 25-50MM, 15-25MM, 7MM-15MM.4-7MM,2-4MM,0-2MM,or customized.For more details about us,pls visit at www.ngochem.comBelow is some photos for production line.

Where was your calcium carbide plant located?

Our calcium carbide plant was located in Tianjin since 2010,we relocated to Inner Mongolia after Tianjin port explosion in 2015,Now our new plant have more imporve  and advantage on cost,quality,output and shipping.Moreover,we have good selling for domestic steel plant,Below 15mm be sold to them for desulfurzation,in that way,we have no wastage in production,We have advantage on price,and we will not put dust or mixed small sizes into drums.