Wulanchabu City, "13th Five-Year" to vigorously enhance the downstream products of calcium carbide

From: Calcium carbide industry association
publisher: jennifer Liu
Time: 2017-03-13
Summary: the status of downstream,calcium carbide,etc.
Learned from the Wulanchabu municipal government, the city of "13th Five-Year" period to vigorously promote the new carbide processing level, and constantly open up new downstream products, and strive to the end of 13th Five-Year reached more than 80% in situ conversion of calcium carbide. "13th Five-Year" focus on improving the local calcium carbide industry access standards and the level of technical equipment, production equipment to achieve a closed, large-scale, automation. It will be in Zhuozi, and the flag, flag and banner Front Banner park planning and construction of large industrial base supporting 2 million tons of calcium carbide to calcium carbide project to meet the downstream products, and to Dingchan control the total amount of calcium carbide. Focus on expanding PVC, PVA paste resin series products, the scale of production, focusing on the development of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), 1,4- butanediol, polyacrylamide, ethylenediamine, allantoin, B two nitriles, acrylonitrile, special fiber, high-grade profiles and other products, the formation of many varieties, strong connected large carbide chemical industry cluster. By 2020, the conversion rate of calcium carbide to more than 80%, the formation of an important domestic high-end calcium carbide chemical industry base.

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