the market position of calcium carbide for the week of 20th-25th,2017

From: calcium carbide news
publisher: Jennifer Liu
Time: 2017-03-28
Summary: the analysis of market position of calcium carbide,through Upstream and downstream product chain
PVC market shocks finishing, light trading, spot market on the business outlook view, multi market stabilization wait, poor conditions, individual businesses offer a slight reduction in demand for calcium carbide yindie.
Industry: calcium carbide market is currently running low, the sales price has fallen below the cost line. On the one hand by the environmental pressure, raw material supply of coke, calcium carbide costs increase, affected by the production and semi production enterprises have increased; on the other hand, lower PVC prices, low operating rate, decreased demand for calcium carbide enterprises, actively digest inventory. In addition, due to the early rising prices, enterprises began to resume production capacity and part of the parking lot before the ten new production of calcium carbide enterprises, calcium carbide production growth, exacerbating the imbalance between supply and demand situation.
Three, market outlook
Upstream raw material prices are expected to rise, the cost of calcium carbide support strong; downstream PVC weak run, the decline in demand for calcium carbide, business analysts are expected in the short term the calcium carbide market to finishing the main shock, little change in prices

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