Oman petrochemical production capacity will achieve significant growth

From: Sina News
publisher: Jennifer
Time: 2017-04-07
Summary: Oman petrochemical production capacity will achieve significant growth
"Oman news" reported that Oman refinery and Petrochemical Industries Co responsible for the Middle East, Africa and Europe sales manager Faisal Hageri said recently that the company's Sohar polypropylene plant capacity will be at the end of 2017 increased to 340 thousand tons / year, this will be a big leap since the factory built in 2006. The factory has an annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons, the products not only meet the Oman 90% of the domestic market needs, including 91 ports are also exported to South Asia, China, GCC, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South Africa and other 63 countries and regions.
Feisal added that the company planned to seize the global plastics market, especially the most widely used polymer polyethylene demand favorable opportunity to further improve the production capacity of plastic products and realize the profit expansion. By 2020, after the commissioning of the plastics industry complex Liwa Oman flagship project, polyethylene and polypropylene production capacity will reach 1 million 500 thousand tons. Among them, high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene annual production capacity of 440 thousand tons, respectively, polypropylene production capacity will be increased by the end of 2017 based on the amount of 300 thousand tons.

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