"The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum five aspect of prospective

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Time: 2017-05-15
Summary: "The Belt and Road" International Cooperation Forum five aspect of prospective
The world's attention again focused on Beijing - "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum will be officially opened. This is the "The Belt and Road" initiative for more than 3 years the highest level forum. What aspects of the meeting are worth looking forward to?
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What's the meaning of holding the summit forum at this time?
"This is a crucial node in the propulsive move. At this time node held a summit forum, a link between the preceding and the next, to sum up the past experience, but also in order to plan for the future, to lay the foundation for deeper cooperation." Chinese Academy of international studies executive vice president Ruan Ze Ze said.
"The Belt and Road" initiative for more than 3 years, made the early harvest, has been the world's more than and 100 countries and international organizations in response and support, China has with more than and 40 countries and international organizations to build a Belt and Road Initiative "signed a cooperation agreement.
"Despite the Belt and Road Initiative 'initiative by Chinese initiated, but now has become a global consensus from the Chinese initiative, and entered the stage of global action." Sichuan University, University of International Relations professor Dai Yonghong said.
"At present, the world economic recovery is weak and the trend towards counter globalization is rising, and the expectation that China will shoulder more responsibility for international economic development is also increasing. Build "The Belt and Road" is to promote global peace cooperation and common development of the Chinese program, in response to the concerns of all parties, but also reflects the responsibility of the country and play Chinese." Dai Yonghong says.
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What are the highlights of the guests' lineup?
Strong lineup of guests is a big aspect of this summit forum.
"The guests covered five continents, including dignitaries, officials, experts and scholars from all walks of life, and fully demonstrated the positive response of the Chinese initiative. It also reflected the openness and inclusiveness of the forum." Ruan Ze Ze says.
It is reported that the participants in the forum, in addition to the heads of 29 heads of state and government, a number of international organizations responsible person, there are about 1500 members of all walks of life in more than 130 countries.
Li Xiangyang of Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Research Institute China academy believes that people from all walks of life and let more countries participate in the forum, to build consensus and joint efforts to jointly promote the "important The Belt and Road construction. This is also a manifestation of the principle of co construction and sharing. Such guests of such a high standard also provide opportunities for China to explore bilateral cooperation with the countries concerned.
According to the International Conference on the Convention, the host country leaders are generally in conjunction with the participants of foreign leaders during the meeting held bilateral interviews to discuss bilateral ties and other issues of common concern. This time should be no exception.
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Will there be any new initiatives for international cooperation in the future?
How will Chinese through "The Belt and Road construction for further international cooperation? This is a focus of the international community's attention to this forum.
Fiscal Science Research Institute researcher Wen Zongyu believes that the parties should make full use of the forum this platform planning and implementation path, good project landing, promote cooperation and consensus on air plant.
The agenda of the forum reveals some considerations about how to carry out deep cooperation. In addition to the leaders' participation in the round table summit, the forum will hold a high-level plenary meeting and six parallel thematic meetings in the form of "1 + 6".
The high-level meeting will focus on 8 aspects: infrastructure, industrial investment, economic and trade cooperation, energy resources, financial cooperation, cultural exchanges, ecological environment and maritime cooperation. Six parallel theme meetings are focused on the "five links" and the exchange of think tanks.
Li Xiangyang said, "early harvest The Belt and Road construction, many concentrated in the field of infrastructure construction, trade facilitation, trade flow in the future will be further strengthened; with the advance of China Unicom facilities, increased demand for funds, financing cooperation and finance support to catch up.
Wen Zongyu said, to continue to promote the "Silk Road Economic Belt" in twenty-first Century and "maritime Silk Road" and "joint development of joint development of economic recovery The Belt and Road along economic growth in developing countries and developed countries, the growth of the global economy to form a synergistic effect.
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What new harvest will China itself have?
Dai Yonghong said, uphold jointly sharing principle, advocate "China is The Belt and Road", is also the beneficiary. This is not only reflected in the "The Belt and Road Chinese" on its open development, also reflected in the Chinese countries and win-win cooperation and sharing brought by the development of country image and enhance the status of.
During this forum, China is expected to nearly 20 countries and more than and 20 international organizations signing cooperation documents, the Chinese authorities are expected along with the national counterparts to jointly develop nearly 20 action plans, involving multiple areas of infrastructure, energy and resources, production, trade and investment cooperation.
Analysts believe that the construction of "The Belt and Road China" is an important measure to implement a full range of opening in the new historical conditions, to achieve balanced and inclusive development along the developing countries, but also conducive to the expansion of Chinese two-way open and accelerating economic development transformation.
"Belt and Road Initiative" covering China's central and western provinces and coastal regions, by expanding the opening to the west, help to accelerate the pace of development of the central and East Midwest echelon joint development, but also conducive to the China foreign economic cooperation and the deepening of domestic reform and opening up tight fusion." 

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