What is the use of calcium carbide?

From: NGO news
publisher: Jennifer
Time: 2017-05-16
Summary: the useful of calcium carbide
Generally refers to the calcium carbide.
Calcium carbide is inorganic compounds, white crystal, industrial products for black lumps, purple or grey section. There is a rapid reaction to the water, producing acetylene and releasing heat.
Main applications of calcium carbide:
(1) the acetylene produced by the reaction of calcium carbide with water can synthesize many organic compounds. For example: synthetic rubber, artificial resin, acetone, ketene, carbon black, etc. at the same time acetylene acetylene flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.
(2) heating powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, the reaction of calcium cyanamide, namely lime nitrogen:
CaC2 + N2 = CaCN2 + C, Delta H = -296kJ/mol
Lime nitrogen is an important raw material for the preparation of cyanamide. A melt produced by heating lime nitrogen with salt; used in gold mining and non-ferrous metals industries.
(3) calcium carbide itself can be used in the desulfurization of iron and steel industry.
(4) the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the production of PVC by calcium carbide electric stone (calcium carbide CaC2), water (C2H2), will generate acetylene acetylene and hydrogen chloride (HCl) synthesized from vinyl chloride monomer (CH2=CHCl), and then through the polymerization of vinyl chloride to generate PVC - [CH - CHCI]n - chemical reaction method.
(5) the old miners mine, will be generated by the fabric into calcium carbide acetylene in tin (C2H2) made of calcium carbide lamp.

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