Calcium carbide Market will continue to go up in Aug

From: Business News
publisher: Jennifer Liu
Time: 2017-07-26
Summary: Calcium carbide Market will continue to go up in Aug
According to the price monitoring business community, beginning in mid June 2017, the domestic calcium carbide market better, prices continued to rise, from the June 14th factory price 2460 yuan / ton lows, July 21st factory price average price rose to 2562.50 yuan / ton, up 4.17% over the same period last year rose 19.19%.
Two, market analysis
Products: since mid June, the domestic market price of calcium carbide has been more than a month of continuous rise, the market sentiment is good, the calcium carbide plant operating rate is higher, but affected by the downstream market rose PVC, calcium carbide increased demand, downstream procurement pressure, should be slightly less than the market supply for.
Industrial chain: nearly a month, raw material prices rose. Coke in mid June average price of 1575 yuan / ton, in July 21st average price of 1695 yuan / ton, up 7.62%. As the price of raw materials and coke rose sharply, the price of the goods increased by 100-150 yuan / ton, and the active and strong performance of the coke market, the supporting role of the calcium carbide was obvious, and the price of calcium carbide rose all the way.
Downstream of the PVC market, June slightly upward, to July, PVC prices rose sharply in July 21st, prices have risen to 6533.94 yuan / ton, compared with the first month rose 11.81%. Because of the calcium carbide production capacity of nearly 80% for PVC production, PVC prices soared, directly stimulating the calcium carbide prices rose sharply.
Industry: Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu and other 5 provinces and autonomous regions, in 2016 the total capacity of calcium carbide more than 33 million tons / year, accounting for more than 74% of the total domestic capacity. Because the calcium carbide products are greatly affected by the region, the change of the calcium carbide productivity in the 5 provinces has a greater impact on regional prices, and has an impact on the national calcium carbide market.
Macro: the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was founded in 70th anniversary by the end of July 2017 and early August celebration will be held the sixth session of the forum Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia at the end of July will be held in Kubuqi desert. During the celebration and the forum, the local pyrotechnics in Inner Mongolia will be strictly controlled, and the raw materials such as calcium carbide and limestone will be reduced obviously. Raw material supply is insufficient, the operation rate of calcium carbide is difficult to improve. The poverty alleviation has been an important direction of the chairman's job, Inner Mongolia 70th anniversary anniversary, national efforts to support the Inner Mongolia enterprises increase expected power, coal industry in Inner Mongolia will be the key support of the advantages of the industry. Changes in electricity, coal prices will inevitably affect the lower reaches of the calcium carbide industry. Inner Mongolia calcium carbide market is expected to have a small peak.
Three, the market outlook
Afternoon, with the PVC prices rose sharply, calcium carbide prices will also increase, rising raw material prices, especially in Inner Mongolia NPC and CPPCC during the coal market or will have a small climax, to further promote the calcium carbide Market rose. Business agency analyst Bai Jiaxin believes that with the PVC market better, further increases in the prices of raw materials, the comprehensive effect of Inner Mongolia NPC and CPPCC held and after the related policies and other factors, in August the price of calcium carbide or will encounter a small peak, prices will rise to 2650-2800 yuan / ton.

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