US Trade representative:It will not tax on China until June,It is hopeful to avoid tariff war

From: Business News
publisher: Jennifer
Time: 2018-03-29
Summary: It will not tax on China until June,It is hopeful to avoid tariff war
According to foreign media reports, local time on March 28th, the United States trade representative chize Wright said in an interview that China and the United States tariffs products list of publicity from 30 days extended to 60 days. That is to say, there will not be an increase in tariffs on Chinese related products before June.

In March 23rd, President Trump signed a memorandum on behalf of trade instruction trade tariffs chize Wright to submit the list of products in 15 days, then need to be not less than 30 days of publicity. Lezhee also said on the same day that the list of tariffs added to the trade representatives will be mainly concentrated on high-tech products, which will be selected by computer algorithm, and will strike a balance in maximizing China's exports and minimizing injuries to American consumers.

Wright chize also said that there is hope to avoid the tariff war through negotiations between China and the United states. But he said it would take years to "bring the Sino US economic and trade relations to a good place".

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