Take the road of environmental protection: the order of recycled plastics industry needs to be improved.

Take the road of environmental protection: the order of recycled plastics industry needs to be improved.


Take the road of environmental protection: the order of recycled plastics industry needs to be improved.

As we all know, recycled plastics are one of the fields of renewable resources industry. However, the environmental pollution caused by reprocessing and utilization is worrying. Recently, Procter & Gamble said it is accelerating the development of recycled plastics production technology. In the future, this technology can bring positive effects to the environment and society, and create certain value for enterprises and consumers.

As for this technology, P & G said, "we are using a native technology to remove color, odor and contaminants from the PP to improve the innovation in the plastic recovery field." "This technology has the ability to revolutionize the plastic recycling industry so that P & G and companies around the world can make use of the source of recycled plastics and provide almost the same performance as raw materials in a wide range of applications," said chief technology officer Kaser. This new technology of production and recycling will be a gospel for recycled plastics enterprises. For the reclaimed plastics industry, it will be a new development opportunity.

The so-called recycled plastic refers to the recycling of plastic raw materials after processing and processing of waste plastics through physical or chemical methods such as pretreatment, melting granulation, modification and other physical or chemical methods. It is the reuse of plastic. At present, the equipment related to plastic granulator and plastic granulator are widely used in the waste plastics recycling industry and are more popular with the users. They are mainly used for processing waste plastic film, woven bags, beverage bottles, furniture and other daily necessities. In addition, plastic dehydrating machine which is dehydrated automatically after crushing and cleaning, plastic crusher of waste plastic regeneration and factory corner recycling, cleaning of waste plastic products and plastic cleaning machine of domestic waste plastics are also indispensable for recycling of recycled plastic.

At present, although the development of recycled plastics has made new breakthroughs, it still faces many challenges on the road of environmental protection. As the key object of the government environmental supervision, how to deal with the increasingly severe environmental pollution problem under the heavy pressure and supervision of the environmental protection department?

In fact, the root of this problem is that the regenerated plastics enterprises have not yet set up a new order. For the regenerative plastics industry, the establishment of a new order is no small challenge. However, as an important part of recycling industry, recycling industry is in urgent need of establishing its own new order, and on this basis, it plays a unique role in the industry.

First of all, in terms of technology and equipment, enterprises need to accelerate innovation and upgrading. It is understood that the traditional pellet profit space compression is only 100-500 yuan / ton, through technological improvement, the level of profitability can be significantly increased to 300-1000 yuan / ton. The equipment used to recycle recycled plastics, which is water free cleaning and recycling equipment, can effectively save costs. The cost per ton of anhydrous cleaning is 30% lower than that of conventional washing.

Secondly, in terms of production and recycling, enterprises need to take measures of source recovery and intensive production. On the premise of paying attention to the source recovery link, the regenerated plastics industry should be transformed from workshop production to scale and standardization. As a recycled plastic enterprise, we should make full use of the existing resources and consider the economic and social benefits of recycled resources in the process of recycling, so as to achieve the maximum income with the minimum cost.

Long way to go, recycled plastics enterprises need to constantly explore their own development path. Flowers on the road ahead will encourage better development of recycled plastics enterprises, and thorns on the road ahead will stimulate reform and innovation of recycled plastics enterprises. Only the road of flowers and thorns can make the whole industry of recycled plastics more fruitful in the future.