Whole chain block "Ocean Garbage"

Whole chain block "Ocean Garbage"


Whole chain block "Ocean Garbage"

Whole chain block
In the past 018 years, Shenzhen customs, under the unified deployment of the General Administration of customs, carried out a series of special actions such as "blue sky 2018", severely combating the smuggling of "Ocean Garbage", and effectively safeguarding the national ecological civilization construction and the people's health and safety. According to statistics, in the first 5 months of this year, the Shenzhen customs had seized 19 cases of solid waste smuggling, involving more than 9 tons of solid waste.

This is the production situation of a smuggled waste plastic processing plant in Shantou in May 22nd when Shenzhen customs launched a special campaign against "blue sky 2018" smuggling "Ocean Garbage". In order to pursue benefits, these underground workshops also discharge the untreated waste water produced in the production process and directly dye the nearby rivers black. Such underground workshops, which seriously affect people's health and safety, and seriously destroy the ecological environment, are the key points of this action.

This year, the Shenzhen customs, under the unified arrangement of the General Administration of customs, launched "blue sky 2018" and other special actions to crack down on "foreign garbage" smuggling. In the first 5 months of this year, 19 cases of smuggling of solid waste were seized, involving 9 million tons of solid waste.

Deep dug and expansion of "Ocean Garbage"

In February 3rd of this year, Shenzhen customs carried out a large-scale seizure of smuggling of solid waste, named "mission 2018 - 2", and found more than 1000 tons of waste plastic in the scene, as well as a batch of documentary evidence and evidence, and captured 12 suspects. It was initially identified that the above suspects smuggled more than 5 tons of waste plastics by using other people's licenses.

In the early morning of May 22nd, according to the unified deployment of "Ocean Garbage" smuggling "blue sky 2018" by the General Administration of customs, Shenzhen customs carried out a large-scale investigation into the smuggling of solid waste, code named "mission 2018 to 6". More than 60 police officers were launched, and seized and seized in Shantou, Henan, Zhengzhou and Changzhou, Jiangsu, and other places in Guangdong. The main suspects were 5, and a number of documentary evidence and material evidence were found at the scene. It is preliminarily identified that the above suspects had smuggled over 4.1 tons of waste plastic from other people's licences from January 2012 to December 2017.

As a result, the suspects are directly ordered to order waste plastics in the United States, Japan and other places, and then by the package and customs gangs, the waste plastics imported from other enterprises are used to smuggle the waste plastics from several ports in the district and to be processed and sold to enterprises in Guangzhou, Shantou, Huiyang and other places which do not have the qualification of waste plastic and production.

Shenzhen customs anti smuggling bureau investigation two Department of three section chief Xi Jinmin told reporters that these illegal processing plants are mostly family owned underground workshops, no formal registration, poor production equipment, the production process has no environmental measures. The waste plastics they bought abroad did not have the corresponding qualification of environmental assessment and could not apply for the license. Therefore, the license for illegal selling of some enterprises was bought and smuggled through general trade in the way of perjury. It is understood that in foreign countries, enterprises are not allowed to abandon these wastes.

To a professional organization. Some criminals saw the difference, so they bought smuggled goods to the country at a low price, then sold them after simple processing. Xi Jinmin said that these black industry chains have huge profits, but waste plastics processing not only pollutes the environment, but also endanger human health greatly.

Keep high pollution and solid waste out of the door

It is reported that in general recyclable solid waste, there are often high pollution and hazardous wastes. In order to effectively protect the ecological environment and people's health, China has adjusted the regulations on garbage import and rejected high pollution solid waste. In July 2017, China formally informed the World Trade Organization (WTO) that from the end of 2017, 14 kinds of solid waste, including waste plastic, paper, waste slag and textiles, were no longer accepted. The import of waste plastics, which can be used as raw materials, must strictly abide by the relevant legal procedures, and the waste plastics from non industrial sources such as the source of life have been banned from the import catalogue since January 1, 2018.

Xi Jinmin told reporters that the waste plastic itself is polluted, the processing equipment of small workshops is mostly unqualified, its finished products are mainly used in various kinds of plastic products, mainly including plastic pots, plastic bowls, plastic spoons and other daily necessities, which are very harmful to human health. In the process of production, the waste water produced in the process of production will pollute the soil, ground water and public water directly without treatment. The untreated waste gas in the process of high temperature melting contains a large amount of harmful substances, and it pollute the atmosphere directly after discharge, causing serious damage to the surrounding ecology and environment. In April this year, a company in Huidong from Shenzhen Yantian Port (8, -0.13, -1.60%) declared a batch of low density polyethylene. The customs of Shenzhen customs found that the goods were different in appearance and were immediately sampled for inspection. In May 18th, the inspection confirmed that the goods were ethylene polymer waste and solid waste, which was imported from the state, with a total weight of 25 tons. At present, the case has been handed over to the anti smuggling department for further investigation.

Low density polyethylene is often used as packaging film, especially food packaging, and also used in paper coating, insulating material, daily necessities, toys and so on. The finished product made of this material is in close contact with people in daily life. If the quality of raw materials is problem, it may cause the environment, health, safety of life and so on. Serious harm. With the deepening of the action against foreign garbage, there are still a large number of smuggled living garbage.
海关总署customs head office
生态文明Ecological Civilization
查获hunt down and seize; ferret out; track down; discover and seize
固体废物solid waste
汕头市Shantou City
废塑料waste plastics
加工厂fabricating plant; finished factory
生产过程productive process
严重影响serious influence