Caustic soda market boosted sharply in September and October?

Caustic soda market boosted sharply in September and October?


Caustic soda market boosted sharply in September and October?

Since September, the domestic caustic soda market has rebounded, and the atmosphere of price increase is strong. So far, it has seen the largest increase this year, with an overall line of 150-300 yuan/ton. According to the monitoring of the business associations in Shandong, the price of caustic soda in Shandong is on the whole going, up to 850 yuan per ton in September, up by 20.57%.

Products: At present, caustic soda in most areas is still on the upward trend. Manufacturers stop production and limit production more, mainstream factories have overall low inventory. For business associations, 32% of ionic membrane caustic soda in Shandong is above 840 yuan/ton, 50% of ionic membrane caustic soda mainstream transaction price rises to 1410-1430 yuan/ton; for Jiangsu, 200 yuan/ton or so this month, 3. The mainstream transaction price of 2% ionic membrane alkali has risen to 900-950 yuan/ton, and that of 50% ionic membrane alkali has risen to 1450-1500 yuan/ton. This month, the price of 32% ionic membrane alkali purchased by Weiqiao has risen by 100 yuan/ton to 750 yuan/ton, which has a great impact on the local area.
Since September, the caustic soda market has gone up a large margin, the main reasons are as follows:

1. The National Day is approaching. There are many rumors that the chlor-alkali industry in North China is going to stop work. At present, Shandong has limited production, no stock of industrial caustic soda is not guaranteed, and more enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are shut down. After the 25th, the liquid chlorine embargo in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and North China, as well as downstream and traders, will be imposed. In order to prevent the alkali plant from being restricted by liquid chlorine embargo, goods were taken one after another.

2. After the notification of the liquid chlorine embargo which began on September 7 in Jiangsu, the atmosphere of liquid chlorine became tense, and the Anbang load dropped to 30%. It is known that some of the liquid chlorine in Jiangsu has also been sent to Anhui and Zhejiang outside the province. The news of the liquid chlorine embargo is also one of the factors stimulating the increase in alkali prices.

3. The purchase price of Weiqiao alumina has been stable for more than five months. The manufacturers have increased retail prices on National Day to stimulate Weiqiao's price increase, and the main factories in Shandong Province are not satisfied with the start of construction after the early typhoon. The purchase support of Weiqiao alumina and the inventory have been in a controllable level. After the increase of the purchase price of Weiqiao, the credit of the traders has been greatly boosted. Heart.

Business analysts believe that the market price of liquid alkali in North China will maintain a high level before National Day, and the market performance in East China and Henan is also relatively good, while the domestic market of liquid chlorine will mostly maintain a steady trend. 32% ionic membrane alkali in Shandong province 840-880 yuan/ton. But in October, the environmental protection inspection will be strengthened, the whole industrial chain of the manufacturer will be restricted, the downstream parts of the north and the main alumina will also face production reduction, a large number of sea alkali will arrive in the South during the National Day, low-cost sea alkali will stimulate the southern liquid alkali market, the national market after the National Day or will have a greater impact in the future. End price may not be guaranteed.