Know mango ripening agent correctly! What is the role of ethephon?

Know mango ripening agent correctly! What is the role of ethephon?


What is the role of ethephon?

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1) ethylene "triple reaction": ① inhibiting the elongation growth of stem; ② promoting the thickening of stem and root; ② promoting the lateral growth of stem;

2) the ripening of tomato, apple, pear, banana and persimmon can be promoted by using ethephon solution.

3) promote abscission and senescence: ethylene plays an important role in abscission of flowers, leaves and fruits;

4) promote the flowering and female flower differentiation of some plants.

5) other effects can also induce the formation of adventitious roots, promote the growth and differentiation of roots, break the dormancy of seeds and buds, and induce the secretion of secondary biomass.

Ethylene is a natural growth hormone in plants, which is harmless to human body and can regulate the maturity and aging of plants. In the market, there is a lot of fruit demand, such as bananas, mangoes, kiwifruit, etc. These fruits are often easily metamorphosed. If they are to be transported when they are fully mature, they may have decayed when they are transported to their destination. To make these fruits "accept" long-distance transportation, they can only be picked before they turn yellow and mature. At this time, the fruits are often astringent and hard and cannot be eaten. Ripening agents are often needed to ripen them, and ethylene is the most commonly used ripening agent.

Ethylene can play a role of ripening with only a small amount of addition, and the excess ethylene will be released into the atmosphere without any impact on the body. The ripened fruit is as harmless to the body as the natural ripened fruit. In addition, ethylene is a kind of plant hormone, which can only accelerate the ripening of fruits, while the hormone that affects the development of human body is the hormone in human body. These two concepts are completely different.