Mango/Banana Ripener

Mango/Banana Ripener




Use method:

1.Prior to using theripener soaked in clean water, and then put it in banana boxes;
2.Pay attention  to the plastic bags do not tighten, should have a little air into the bag,and to 
   ensure that the carbon dioxide released too much;
3.Suggested usage: use a small bag of a 12 ~ 18 kg ethylene ripening agent.
4.The best conditions of use:Temperature: 16 ~ 18 °C, humidity 90 ~ 95%;Carbon dioxide
   concentration: < 1%
Suitable use range:
Banana, Mango, Tomato, Citrus and so on.
Packaging & Shipping
 0.6g  main  for   banana  
3g      main  for   mango
Vaccum packing 
3g  100pcs/bag 2500pcs/ per carton 
0.6g   500pcs/bag 10000pcs/ per carton 

We can custom for you according to your needs
Notice  :
(1) The banana bag after used theripener cannot seal too severe, should right amount on
      the packing bag air holes.
(2) Please as soon as possible after opening seal preservation .
(3) Stored at cool, dry and ventilated place.
(4) Please make sure that the drug is out of the reach of children.