Operation, use and storage of calcium carbide

Operation, use and storage of calcium carbide


Operation, use and storage of calcium carbide

Calcium carbide - use safety

(1) Relevant rules and regulations shall be formulated for calcium carbide transportation, storage, crushing, calcium carbide warehouse and slag pit.

(2) The barreled calcium carbide should be stored in the room with dry ground, air circulation and no leakage of rainwater. The ground should be higher than the road surface to avoid water inflow.

(3) It is forbidden to load, unload and transport calcium carbide barrel by rolling sliding method, so as to avoid sparks caused by collision between calcium carbide and barrel wall.

(4) After taking calcium carbide every time, cover the barrel.

(5) It is forbidden to beat calcium carbide with hammer in acetylene generator room and calcium carbide room.

(6) Calcium carbide with powder and too small particle shall be put into slag pit in batches and decomposed with water for proper treatment.

(7) The upper opening of calcium carbide slag pit shall be open, and the mortar and ash water in the slag pit shall not be discharged into the underground ditch. Local sparks caused by collision of iron tools and devices shall be prevented during slag tapping.

Operation precautions of calcium carbide

The operation workshop must be closed and fully ventilated.

The staff must be specially trained and strictly abide by the operation rules.

Staff should wear self-priming filter dust mask, safety glasses, chemical protective clothing and rubber gloves.

Avoid dust and contact with acids and alcohols.

Pay attention to avoid contact with water.

When handling calcium carbide, it is necessary to load and unload with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers.

Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment.

Storage of calcium carbide

(1) Calcium carbide should be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse.

(2) It must be far away from fire and heat source, and the relative humidity of storage space should be kept below 75%.

(3) Calcium carbide packaging must be sealed, do not get damp.

(4) Should be separated from acids, alcohols, etc. storage, avoid mixed storage.

(5) The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.