caustic soda

caustic soda


Caustic soda

caustic soda
Caustic soda,Flake

The properties of flake alkali are white translucent sheet solid, and flake is the basic chemical raw material. It is widely used in paper making, synthetic washing and light textile industry such as soap, viscose fiber, rayon and cotton fabric, pesticide, dye, rubber and chemical industry, petroleum drilling, petroleum oil refining and tar refining

Caustic soda is widely used in the national economy, many industrial sectors need caustic soda. The sectors that use caustic soda more often are the manufacturing of chemicals, followed by papermaking, aluminum smelting, tungsten smelting, rayon, artificial cotton and soap manufacturing.

Granular soda in pearl is granular caustic soda, also known as pearl caustic soda, a kind of solid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) products, chemical formula: NaOH. According to the particle size, it can be divided into coarse-grained alkali and fine-grained alkali. The particle size of fine-grained alkali is about 0.7mm, and its shape is very similar to washing powder.

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