The suppier of Ripen Mango

The suppier of Ripen Mango


The suppier of Ripen Mango,WhatsApp:0086 13682119955

The suppier of Ripen Mango
Application method:There are different ways to use the ripening product at different environment temperature.
Put the sachet into water and take the wet sachet out and put it into mango box.
(1). If the environmental temperature is low, for example below 20℃, stack the boxes and cover them with thin blankets to keep the fruits warm. After 12 hours, stack the boxes again with leaving gap between boxes to prevent the accumulation of CO2. After about 2days, the fruits will be ripe.
(2). If the environmental temperature is 25-30℃, don’t need to cover the boxes with blankets. After the soaked sachet is putted into the box, mangoes will become ripe within 1-3 days during transportation or in ventilation room.
Use dosage
One sachet per 4-5 kilograms of fruits.

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