Item specifics

Water white to pale yellow liquid
Molecular Weight
Active acid, %
58.0 – 62.0
pH, 1% solution @ 25 ℃
2.0 max
Specific gravity@ 20 ℃ , g/cm3
1.42 – 1.47
Arsenic, ppm
2 max
Iron, as Fe, ppm
20 max
Phosphorous acid, %
4.0 max
Color APHA (Hazen)
150 max
Chlorides (as Cl, ppm)
100 max

Product review


It is a low arsenic aqueous solution of 1-Hydroxyethylidene -1, 1-diphosphonic acid, (HEDP), and is noted for excellent CaCO3 scale inhibition and chlorine stability. (HEDP) Scale Inhibitor is widely used in industries as a sequestering agent and calcium carbonate scale inhibitor for applications in food processing, cosmetics and personal care products.