Ethylene ripener
Ethylene ripener



Mango Ripener Ethylene / Banana Ripener:

1) Authorized Certificates : ISO9001, SGS, BV.

2) Day Capacity: 1ton.

3) 12 years production experience.

4) Customize base on your specification.

5) Quality control: Advanced production line, necessary facility and examination equipment.

6) exporting to more than 8 countries.


Ripener Ethylene Quick Details:   

  Ethylene ripening powder


♣  Subject to national standard of GB9830-88


♣  Factory wholesale price


♣  OEM/ODM accepted, paypal accepted



Applying for ripening of bananas, mangoes, pawpaws, tomatoes, pears




Ethylene Ripener Used: 


 1. It is subject to the type, ripeness and ripening temperature of mangoes. 

 2. One piece of banana ripener---5-8kg mangoes in 60-70% 

     maturity under 25~30

 3. Banana in 30- 40% maturity, more pieces of ethylene ripener should be used. 


Best Condition for storage:


Temperature: 25 ~30


 Moisture: 90~95%;


 Density of CO2<1%