Banana Ripener
Banana Ripener
Banana Ripener



Banana Ripener Quick Details:   

  Ethylene ripening powder


♣  Subject to national standard of GB9830-88


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Banana  Ripener Using Method : 






Dosage of agents


Sealed fumigation


Usage: Using packaged medicine fumigation, bananas without mechanical damage shall be harvested when the maturity is 75-85% in sunny days, then fruit is cut from the bunch, packed as hands into about 8kg each, removal of injury fingers, after the ripening agent moistened in water, put it in the plastic bag with bananas, remember that the plastic bags cannot be fastened, and a little air should be allowed into the bag, then the excess carbon dioxide would be released; The handled fruits should be maintained at 15-18°C and 98% relative humidity (RH) above.





Best Condition for storage:


Temperature: 15 ~18℃;


Moisture:  More than 98%;



 banana ripener