Grape Antistaling Troche
Grape Antistaling Troche
Grape Antistaling Troche



FK Grape Antistaling Troche :

1) Authorized Certificates Execution standard

                                           PATENT CERTIFIECATE

2) Day Capacity: 7 ton.

3) 10 years production experience.

4) Customize base on your specification.

5) Quality control: Advanced production line, necessary facility and examination equipment.

6) Exporting to more than 5 countries.


FK Grape Antistaling Troche Using Method : 


      For storage and preservation of varieties of grapes, like Kyoho, red grapes and longan. 


      After picking grapes packing or pre-cooling for storage, the pills were evenly placed in the middle or upper part of the bag of fresh grapes. After rapid pre-cooling, the bags should be closed or folded.