Product review


Product name:1-Methylcyclopropen; 1-MCP
CAS No.:3100-04-7
Product introduction:

1-MCP fresh keeping agent, the main component is 1-methylcyclopropene,

which is found by scientific research to be the most effective ethylene inhibitor in recent years.

It has no toxicity, no residue, no pollution to the environment, and has been widely used in keeping fresh 

for fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Mode of action:

 It can extend the postharvest storage and shelf life effectively, especially for such fruits, 

vegetables, and flowers which are sensitive to ethylene.

Application range:
  • Fruits:

Apple, pear, kiwi fruit, peach, persimmon, apricot, cherry, plum, grape, strawberry, melon, jujube, 

water melon,banana , custard apple , mango, loquat , bayberry , papaya , guava , star fruit and other fruits.

  • Vegetables:

Tomato, garlic, pepper, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, bamboo shoots, according to oil,

beans, cabbage, 

bitter gourd, coriander, potato, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, celery, green pepper, carrots and other vegetables;

  • Flowers: 

Tulip, alstroemeria, carnation, gladiolus, snapdragon, carnation, orchid, Gypsophila, rose, lily, campanula

  • Edible mushroom: Hongxi mushroom, abalone mushrooms.
 Formulation and Dosage: 
  • 1-MCP 3.5% WP:  It is used for cold storage treatment. 1 g of 1-MCP can treat 15m3 room of apples that is around 3,500 kg.
  • 1-MCP sachet:   

    It is for smaller quantity treatment in carton with poly bag and treatment during transportation. 

    1 bag works for 0.06 cubic meter space, carton size is around 40 cm *40 cm* 37 cm.

  • 1-MCP tablet: 1gram can effect for 1m3.