Ethylene Absorber
Ethylene Absorber
Ethylene Absorber





Ethylene gas

It is a metabolic product of plants that can slow down plant growth, promote leaf drop, and ripen fruits. Colorless flammable gas. Physiological functions are: triple reaction, promoting fruit maturity, promoting leaf senescence, inducing adventitious roots and root hairs, breaking the dormancy of plant seeds and buds, inhibiting the flowering of many plants, and changing the direction of Sexual differentiation of flowers at the early stage of flower development in monoecious plants.


Ethylene absorber

Red particles absorb, oxidize and decompose the ethylene gas released by fruits and vegetables during storage, refrigeration and transportation, so as to slow down the maturity of fruits and vegetables and achieve the effect of long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables, and have the effects of color protection, hardness preservation, antibacterial, anti-corrosion, etc. This product uses active mineral substances as the carrier to load Potassium permanganate strong oxidant, so that the product does not produce and release harmful substances, and does not contact fruits and vegetables.


Shelf life: 7-30 days at room temperature

Usage quantity: 1g of preservative applied to 500-1000g of fruits and vegetables

Active ingredient: Potassium permanganate 15%

Scope of application: Suitable for various fruits and vegetables

Usage: Place the small packaging on top of the fruits and vegetables

Usage conditions: Relatively sealed environment, with air vents in the packaging bag


Note: Determine the dosage and shelf life of preservatives based on the storage time of different fruits and vegetables under normal conditions